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The Gondoliers
Billet Lane, Hornchurch, Essex
Tuesday 25th - Saturday 29th June 1991
Evenings 7.45pm

The Gondoliers is a happy and light-hearted operetta set in the year 1750 in Venice. Marco and Guisepper Palmieri, humble Gondoliers, randomly select two young ladies of the Contadine to be their wives. It is then revealed that one of them is no less a person than the son of the late King of Barataria. To complicate the plot, they discover also that one of them was married in babyhood to the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Plaza-Toro. As the Grand Inquisitor is unable to determine the true King he instructs them to reign jointly until the King's foster mother is found...who reveals all!!

Some of Gilbert & Sullivan's immortal music from The Gondoliers is:

 From The Sunny Spanish Shore When A Merry Maiden Marries Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes Dance A Cachucha To Help Unhappy Commoners 

For Havering Music Makers' production:
Director - Paul Lazell
Musical Director - Ian Gray
Accompanist - Jeremy Prentice

Havering Music Makers are an amateur society affiliated to The National Operatic and Dramatic Association and acknowledge the support of Havering Arts Council

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