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The Time Show The Time Show
Billet Lane, Hornchurch, Essex
Sunday 13th - Monday 14th February 2000, 8:00pm

Wingletye Lane, Hornchurch, Essex
Saturday 1st April 2000, 7:30pm
In aid of "Whizz-Kidz".

Day and night, yesterday and tomorrow, nostalgia and hope, past, present and future. People have been measuring, recording and describing the passage of time - quickly or slowly - for well, a long time. Now it's time for The Time Show - the show that puts "Time" in its place. Great music performed live on stage, telling a little of the story of time and featuring nearly 40 popular songs.

As always we promise not to let the story get in the way. Songs like Good Morning, Happy Days, Just In Time, Seasons Of Love, Try To Remember, Wake Up Little Suzie, The Time Warp, and The Best Of Times Is Now mean you can look forward to an evening of the best in musical entertainment. Whether you've been around For The Longest Time or are still young enough to Dance The Night Away, you're guaranteed to enjoy "The Time Show".


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