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We'll be Fiddling soon...
Our second production of 2017 is the incredible Fiddler On The Roof! This will be in July at the Queen's Theatre. Visit our page for details on the production and how to book your tickets!

Did you attend the tale...
...of Sweeney Todd? We served up a real treat at the Kenneth More Theatre in March. You can see more about the show here. Did you see the show? We'd love to know what you think. Drop us a note by clicking here or let us know on Twitter (@hmm76) or Facebook!

What's next for HMM?
After we perform Fiddler in July, we will perform our Autumn concert, West End Wishlist, in October and then we are excited to announce our 2018 line up of Hot Mikado and Anything Goes! Want to join us? Visit here.

Tell us what you think! 
Have you seen an HMM show recently? If so, drop us a note by clicking here or let us know on Twitter (@hmm76) or Facebook!

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If you want to keep up to date with everything HMM, either join our mailing list by sending your email address or postal address to or following us on Twitter (@HMM76) or liking us on Facebook!

Committee & Honours Board

The Current Committee

These are the people who look after the Society and ensure that we are fulfilling our potential! They are all members of the group and come from a variety of backgrounds - not necessarily relating to their positions! 

Elected Members of the Executive Committee for 2016/17

Chairman - 

Sue Howlett (e-mail)

Vice-Chairman - 

Jason Markham (e-mail)
Secretary -  Louise Ford (e-mail)

Members' Representatives - 

Emma Butler (e-mail)
Sonja Lahiff (e-mail)
Susie Tyler (Membership Secretary) (e-mail)

Appointed Officers

Patrons' Secretary - Marilyn Ford (e-mail)
Webmaster - Nick Ford (e-mail)

HMM Honours Board

The following are those people who are integral to the society off-stage. Some have been honoured by the Society and some support us by being Patrons. You can scroll down for an explanation of the different honours.

Mr Jim Lion

Mrs V E Bance Mrs H G Butler Mr C J D Green Mr G Presland
Mr E Bullman Miss E H Cormack Mrs I Palmer Ms F Ruffels
Mr M J Bullman Mr D N Farnes Mr D W Perkins Mr J Smailes
Mr W Bullman Mr B Goodwins S/Ldr H E Pierson Miss B Sweet
Miss B Wilds

Life Members
Mrs Carol Corr Ms Eileen Popkin Ms Muriel Widnall
Mrs Marilyn Ford Mr Allan Ramsay Mrs Eileen Williams
Mr Nick Ford Mr Tony Road Mr Maurice Williams
Mr Jim Lion Mr Richard Williams

Honorary Members
Miss Christine Baker Mr Gordon Farrow Mr Tony McKearney
Mrs Christine Brown Mr Graham Ford Mr Stuart Rush
Mrs Lesley Catchpole Mr Roger Ford Mrs Tina Short
Mr Philip Cervini Mrs Louise Gee Mr Bob Vicary
Mrs Marjorie Hubbard

Patrons (for 2016/17)
Major & Mrs B G Amis Mrs Norma Fielder Mrs G E Hume Ms Marian Parkin
Mrs Gaye Elsom Mrs Barbara Howlett Mrs Anne Monk Mr & Mrs G.F. Price

Explanation of Terms

Our President is elected each year at our Annual General Meeting and holds office for the forthcoming year. It is currently held by Jim Lion.

The Vice-Presidents are largely those who donated money to the society back in 1975 to get us up and running and we gave them the title of Vice-Presidents to honour their support. In recent years we have had new Vice-Presidents who have donated money to the group and in return receive the benefits of a Patron for life (see later!)

The Life Membership honour is the highest honour we award. We give it to those people (usually ex or current members) who have given outstanding service and support to the society - usually through their service to the committee - for a substantial period of time.

Honorary Membership is the next award down from Life Membership and is awarded to those who have also given fantastic support and service to the society for a substantial period of time.

Our Patrons get benefits that the ordinary audience member wouldn't get! 
Firstly, a free ticket to one show a year!
Secondly, priority booking on all shows
Thirdly, newsletters giving them up-to-date information about HMM and invitations to social events
and finally, their name in our programmes! (and on here of course!)
Anyone can become a Patron - e-mail for more!

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