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Salad Days
Billet Lane, Hornchurch, Essex
Sunday 21st & Monday 22nd January 1996
Evenings 8.00pm
Sunday Matinee 4.00pm

Book & Lyrics by Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade
Music by Julian Slade

Salad Days is the story of new graduates Timothy and Jane. Timothy has been instructed to get a job and Jane wants to get married. They decide they can help each other by Jane helping Tim get a job and Tim helping Jane by marrying her. Then they happen across a certain magical piano called Minnie owned by a Tramp. The piano makes anyone who hears her dance uncontrollably and they agree to look after Minnie in exchange for 7 a week. 

However, Tim can't tell his family and so still has to find a job and visits his many uncles to try and find one. One of this uncles is the Minister of Pleasure and Pastime who is trying to find and arrest the owners of the piano. However, Troppo (Tim and Jane's new mute friend) loses Minnie and everyone sets out to look for it.

We eventually meet all of Tim's uncles including Uncle Zed who has just come from his newly discovered Planet Zed and offers to help by giving them a ride in his flying "saucy" saucer.

This (slightly surreal!) show is fantastic fun for cast and audience alike and includes some great songs:

 We're Looking For A Piano Look At Me I'm Dancing I Sit In the Sun Never Look Back  Hush Hush The Saucer Song

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For Havering Music Makers' 1996 production:
Producer - Bill Edwards
Musical Director - Simon Curtis
Choreographer - Nichola Tawn
Accompanist - Stuart Rush

By arrangement with Samuel French Ltd
HMM are an amateur society affiliated to The National Operatic and Dramatic Association and acknowledge the support of Havering Arts Council

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